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Collected materials from Charlotte Black Gay Pride, circa Included are a timeline of Charlotte Black Gay Pride events dating from to.
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The collection primarily documents lesbian activism in Charlotte, NC and includes: The One Voice Chorus records include: Pride Publishing and Typesetting, Inc. The collection largely documents events and activities including fund raising, public education, and organizing volunteers. Includes slides of the One Voice chorus and a calendar of the organization, as well as news clippings concerning LGBT issues.

UNC Charlotte student killed after falling out of party bus

Rosenthal Donald B. Time Out Youth Records Time Out Youth's mission mission is to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth by offering vital programs, fostering unconditional acceptance, and creating safe spaces for self-expression through leadership, community support and advocacy. The collection includes records of programs and events sponsored by TOY, training documentation, and collected statistical data. Materials date from circa The bulk of the collection documents the Better Homos and Gardens events, but also includes correspondence, and newspaper clippings and articles.

Vetter Connie J. Papers Connie J. Vetter opened her law office in Charlotte, North Carolina in Her practice focuses primarily on the needs of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender individuals and couples. He is also an active volunteer and board member for environmental, arts, social equity and LGBT organizations. Willis Julia Papers The collection concerns the perspectives, opinions, and creativity of Julia Willis, a lesbian author in the late twentieth century. The agreement will also facilitate partnership with the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics disciplines that are part of the college.

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The rapid growth of data sets in size, scope, and number brings almost unlimited potential that demands greater insight and collaboration, Thill says. The purpose may be to improve and enhance quality of life in a community, or to help with the understanding of job creation, for example. Data science picks up where statistics leaves off, and the best way to train students in how to observe the flow of information is exposure.

Angette Williams. Neighborhood advocates may soon have a new tool to help them push back the dark. UNC Charlotte geography undergraduate students Jamal Covington and Devin Martin have created a way for residents to use mobile devices to easily report issues such as burned-out lights. In a nationwide analysis of economic mobility, Charlotte ranked last among 50 major metropolitan areas studied. The person using the app could record this issue by taking a photo. A component point is then placed on the map to represent faulty lighting.

The final step in the process could involve a company taking this data and finding a way to implement solar lighting infrastructure at the bus stop.

CHARP will have access to edit and revise the app to alter and manipulate how data is collected within the application. They were constantly challenging us and pushing our minds daily to create something extraordinary that could be used to change and transform communities forever. We hope that this idea can be used as an instrument to create change in the world. Garland Beamer. Presnell, an award-winning documentary poet and essayist, has captured the story of her father William G. The poems trace over a century in the life of her family, with a focus on their connection to wars from the Civil War forward.

She has discovered the stories in family memories, military records, census reports, letters, journals, maps, medals, and over 3, photographs she found in dusty boxes in the attic. At its root, Blue Star is more about family than war. When her father enlisted in the National Guard in , he was 24 years old. Four years later, he was called to active duty in Europe as a member of the th regiment of the 30th Infantry Division.

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Following his discharge, he returned to his North Carolina hometown to raise a family and make his living in textiles. The recipient of two Purple Hearts and survivor of the Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge, he died following routine surgery at age Presnell was just 14 years old. She and her siblings were left with little understanding of his. As children, they had paid scant attention to his stories. Following his death, their mother discouraged lingering in the past.

I wanted to know who was my father as a boy? How did his childhood shape him into the young man who went off to war? How did war shape him into the father I knew? She pieced together the factual foundation over time. Well, how ironic that he ends up in France able to speak the language. There, the boxes waited, tucked away until the day Presnell opened the first box and sifted through its contents. The few photographs of him show his trusty camera slung around his neck. He, on the other hand, wrote thousands of journal entries and took thousands of photographs, an unusually large number in the days of film.

He meticulously documented the activities of his fellow soldiers and townspeople.

Students have run-in with anti-gay preachers – QNotes

The images show work details and slices of life — soldiers with their arms around young women, rolling cigarettes, lining up for chow or the latrines. He also took ground and aerial views of the terrain, bridges, roads and towns. Orchards, livestock, and bombed out buildings appear in other photographs. We have 3, photographs, two scrapbooks, and lots and lots of stuff that documents their travels. My brother and sister and I decided that we would follow that trail, and along the way, try to find people we could talk to about it. Photographs pasted into scrapbooks with legends aided their journey, as did phone calls and emails to find contacts in the area.

During their day trek, they found many of the spots her father had. The abbey, now a convention center, offered them a place of respite as well. The mayor of Mortain, France hosted a reception for the family, as he does for all returning veterans and their families. It is April 25, , the day Soviet and American troops met at the Elbe River, marking an important step toward the end of the war.


She details Quaker Continued page While she worked on Blue Star, Presnell found that the work of her students in her classrooms became richer and more authentic as a result of working alongside one another and sharing in common journeys. There are so many more examples, each one its own fascinating tale. For her, the Blue Star journey has brought greater understanding of her family and of herself. Brittany Stone Images: Heat rising. Tick of afternoon sun. The screen door, banging. A telegram. When it comes, Hannah is in the kitchen making dinner.

She slips her greased finger beneath the flap, hands trembling so she can hardly read. Company almost wiped out. Our boys fought bravely to the end.

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